Hello Friend!

Well here is my elevator pitch; twenty-something year old gal, doing ministry school in California.

My tad bit longer pitch; I have been kicking and screaming for a short 26-years. I was born in a distant land called Mexico, became a straight-up thug (not really) on the streets of Chicago, IL, East Coast molded, and Cali girl at the moment.

While in college a great friend of mine asked me a peculiar question that went something like this “do you KNOW Jesus, or do you know OF Him?”. This question changed my life and entered me into a journey of a wild adventure of getting to know Jesus. Needless to say,  I am still getting to know Him everyday and I want to welcome you on that journey.

While this may seem like a blog- a good friend and I have decided that ‘Thoughts on Thoughts” would be a more ‘Sheila’ way on calling it. AKA forewarning I write exactly the way I speak so hopefully it’ll be easy to follow the rabbit trails.

  • IMG_0525Facts about me:
    • My best friend in college was the first person to call me ‘Sheils’ but I didn’t like it until I loved to DC.
    • I talk in my sleep
    • I think (also have been told) that I’m really funny
    • If I had to pick a favorite sport it would be hockey
    • My favorite food is my mom’s homemade enchilada’s
    • My favorite animal is penguins
    • One of my passions in life is to see and help cultivate healthy family and relationships