Farewell Twenty-five.




Oh twenty-five, you have been such a joy. You were welcomed with so much joy and hard-work. Twenty-five was beyond stretching in a new whole level. 

You always knew I would choose to follow You. You always knew that how this year would go. 

You honored the decisions I have made. You honored me in a way I could never imagine. 

I have been able to feel Your love in such a tangible way. 

I have been able to feel Your Presence in such a powerful way. 

You revealed to me the only way of knowing my true identity.

You were so Gracious and Kind. 

I cried out and yelled at You- it wasn’t always easy. 

There were so many tears. 

Tears of joy, sadness, hurt, growing pains, laughter- tears of Redemption. 

“I called and you answered”

A lot of what You wrote in chapter twenty-five had to do with a lot of feelings, yes. 

However, it also had to do a lot with seeing how trusting fully in You would look like- 

You provided tangibly tuition for first year, the roommate I truly needed this year, the people to do life with this past year- some even forever, plane tickets, rent, missions trips, gas money, COFFEE, tuition AND living expenses for Second year, and You placed me right where I need to be to welcome twenty-six. 

How can I not believe in Your wonderful wonders? 

Though I ache to know what You are planning for this year, I know that I trust You more than I can trust myself. 

I know you already wrote this new chapter and You that will cover me with your favor, joy, and love. 

Thank you Father. 

Thank you for twenty-five.



Hello twenty-six.

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