Sailing in Love with the King

I think in the most recent months I have heard a lot “once you become Christian your life doesn’t automatically become problem free”. While this statement is true but kind of feels like a box statement of what Christianity does/doesn’t look like. I want to focus on the pure relationship aspect with Jesus versus what religion gives us to check off. 

Have you ever listened to Sails by Pat Barrett with Steffany Gretzinger? 

It starts like this:

“Falling is easy, but staying in love is hard

Hard to be honest and keep our heart open

To be who we truly are

Without the excuses, without the façade

There’s no pretending

Here in Your love”

This song struck a different type of cord today. This past season I have come to the conclusion that I love HARD and it hurts sometimes. This may be obvious to some people but to some (me), protecting my heart has become a very first nature response. Falling is easy, but staying in love is hard. Why? How is it easy to fall in love so easy but staying in love is quite hard… or is actually just a lot of work? Did we fall in love with Jesus so easy just because it seemed like a perfect solution to get rid of all our problems? Or did we fall in love with Jesus because He IS the perfect partner to help us through the valley and into the promised land? 

Falling in love is such a beautiful idea, we get swooned to someone who maybe ‘the one’. We have giggles, butterflies, go on adventures and maybe eat out a lot. After the honeymoon phase is over is staying in love really hard? Well you see, I don’t know the answer actually, but I know it requires a lot of work. 

What I do know is that my relationship with Jesus has been a roller-coaster ride of the century. It has been an adventure and it has been a repetitive “I trust you Lord” to be released from my part. He is so patient, He is so kind, He is so gentle, He never fails us and even when I push Him away, He still waits for me. He is that sail that leads me back on course. But I have to make an effort to be connected to Him, I have to open up and work on the relationship. I guess my point in all of this is that a relationship with Jesus doesn’t mean you just complain to Him and expect for a solution. It means opening your Bible, reading,writing, worshiping, waiting (I have trouble with this one so no worries if you do too), inviting Him to your every day and having FUN with Him. If you are a go-getter, “type A”, and just a natural do-er having fun can be tough. Trust me I get it, but without that fun We get stuck in our head

There are so many expectations from the world of how we are supposed to do life and even expectations of how our relationship with Jesus is supposed to be. But like the song says, in His love there is no more facades, or pretending we are ‘okay’ or even getting out of the funk of not being okay. For me this past season has made me a little distant from what I am preaching about, it has felt like a uncomfortable silence and my voice carried empty words. Or so I thought. Even if we don’t hear from Him, feel Him, or something isn’t going as we planned doesn’t mean He stopped loving us. It may actually mean that we need to surrender something. Surrender that crush, surrender that job you didn’t get, surrender those summer plans, surrender something that you really want because it may actually not be what you need. Getting caught up in your head isn’t the end of the world, but let’s pause and remember to sit in His gooey love. When we sit in the Love of the King we start seeing where He is in our lives and where He is leading us. 

“I’m finally seeing You were here all along

Your love wasn’t absent, no

It doesn’t come or go

The image I’ve had is starting to fail

You’re patient with me

You’re lifting the veil”

Sweet one, the veil has been lifted. You can see clearly now, follow His lead it won’t lead you astray.

Here is the song to enjoy fully:

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