About Sheila

Hello Friend!

Well here is my elevator pitch; twenty-something year old gal following Jesus first then not trying to trip on my own two feet.


My tad bit longer pitch; I have been kicking and screaming for a short 26-years. I was born in a distant land called Mexico, became a straight-up thug (not really) on the streets of Chicago, IL, traveled south to another distant land called Miami, FL for college, had the honored to have served in the DC area for two years after college, and I am currently a Cali girl who doesn’t surf! SuhhhBrahh

While in college a great friend of mine asked me a peculiar question that went something like this “do you KNOW Jesus, or do you know OF Him?”. Needless to say,  I am still getting to know Him everyday and I want to welcome you on that journey.

While this may seem like a blog- a good friend and I have decided that ‘Thoughts on Thoughts” would be a more ‘Sheila’ way on calling it.