About Sheila

Hello Friend!

Well here is my elevator pitch; twenty-something year old gal following Jesus first then not trying to trip on my own two feet.


My tad bit longer pitch; I have been kicking and screaming for a short 25-years. I was born in a distant land called Mexico, became a straight-up thug (not really) on the streets of Chicago, IL, went to college to a small little Catholic school in a big city (BU in Miami, FL), honored to have served in the DC area for two years after college, and I am currently a first year student at BSSM in Redding California. Stay tuned where God takes me next!

While in college a great friend of mine asked me a peculiar question that went something like this “do you KNOW Jesus, or do you know OF Him?”. Needless to say, four years later and I am still getting to know Him and I want to welcome you on that journey.

While this may seem like a blog- a good friend and I have decided that ‘Thoughts on Thoughts” would be a more ‘Sheila’ way on calling it.